By: Amber Bloom, PR Chair


On April 25, the AMA-CFL chapter is heading out to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to lend a hand in efforts to curb hunger in our area. While we’d love to think the fact that you are volunteering at a local food bank with AMA would be reason enough to sign up, we thought a few stats on the current state of hunger in our community would help set the stage.

Imagine driving down I-4 at 70 miles per hour. Along the side of the road, kids are lined up shoulder-to-shoulder. It would take an hour before you passed them all – 200,000 kids in total. That’s what childhood hunger looks like in Central Florida.

It’s hard to imagine that in such a food abundant country, so many people, (and people in our community no less), struggle with hunger every day. It’s even more surprising to learn that those struggling with hunger include people who have jobs, raise families, pay taxes, and are working toward an education.

Last year alone, Second Harvest distributed enough food for 53 million meals, all collected through community food drives, grocery alliances, local farms and government food commodities. To help move that food through it doors, more than 21,000 volunteers contributed 67,000+ hours to sort and repack food donations.

Here’s another picture for you. If you lined up those 53 million meals on a standard dinner table with each plate spaced 3 feet apart, that table would begin in Orlando, stretch across the Mississippi Delta, the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains, through the Sierra Nevada, make a U-turn at the Golden Gate Bridge and find its way back to Orlando. That’s a lot of meals.

The AMA-CFL chapter will be at Second Harvest doing our part on April 25 and I plan to spend a few hours out of my busy week to help impact hunger in Central Florida in a positive way. I hope that you join us in giving back to our community and get to know more about your local chapter of AMA.

If you plan to attend, please email by April 10.