by: Maria Del Amo

It seems like the summertime is conference time; so many amazing events and so little time… As marketing professionals, we need to stay abreast of the cutting edge technologies, strategies, and techniques.  Although, how do you pick the right conference for you?  Better yet, how do you make the most out of the conferences that you are attending?  You can start by attending Social Fresh!

It is not surprising, that one of the most sought-after conference themes or topics are those that focus on Social Media. Luckily enough, Orlando will be the social media “Mecca” this summer with the top-rated Social Media Conference hosted by Social Fresh.  If you haven’t heard of Social Fresh, here’s the 411:

What: Social Fresh is the social media conference that keeps it simple and focuses on quality content with actionable insights – No panels. Industry leaders will focus on success stories and tactics. Social Fresh is a high quality networking event where you will meet and get to know other social professionals.

When: July 16-18

Where: Omni Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL

Cost: $897-$1,497

Organizer: Social Fresh Conference

7 Tips to Maximize Your Conference Experience

Check out the Venue the Day Before

If you are unfamiliar with the conference venue, there is a huge advantage to stopping by to see where the event will take place.  There is nothing worse than going to a conference, registering, and getting completely lost.  By stopping by a day early, you can familiarize yourself with the venue and most likely run into other conference participants, speakers, and organizers giving you a head start.

Immerse Yourself in the Event

Try to unplug yourself from work.  This may be hard to do especially since we are all so connected.  Unplugging from the outside world will allow you to immerse yourself in the information offered at this conference.  If you get bogged down with an influx of problems from the office, you might miss out on a great learning opportunity.

Take Action

This event is all about actionable items.  It is very common to feel extremely overwhelmed by the information given at any conference.  Although, if you set realistic goals and focus on actionable key takeaways that you can easily implement and share with your peers, you will feel that attending the Social Fresh conference was worth while.

It’s about the Networking

There is no better way to learn than to share ideas and concepts with professionals just like you.  You can uncover so much more information from other folks that complement what you have learned at the sessions. So, get out there and meet new people by attending the Social Fresh event.

Stay Comfortable

We often forget the simple things.  Remember to wear something comfortable and bring a sweater/jacket just in case you get cold.  Make sure that you listen closely to the speakers’ advice.  Stay alert by drinking coffee, water, or grabbing a snack.

Ask questions!

Remember that everyone at the conference is there to learn.  Attendees as well as speakers are a great source of information.  Ask questions, and ask often.  If you can’t get some face time with a speaker, Tweet your questions then ask them in person later on.

Take a break

Conferences are jam-packed with content and information.  Take time to really prioritize your sessions: those that you must attend, those that you want to attend, and those that are less important.  Doing so will allow you to plan for breaks during the conference.  Breaks are very important to regroup, analyze what you have learned, and get ready for the next session.

In closing, make sure to have fun regardless of which approach you take when attending any conference.  Remember that conferences offer invaluable opportunities if you really immerse yourself, network, ask questions, and take action.  Seize the moment to make the most of the Social Fresh event.