Be part of the American Marketing Association of Orlando by sharing your expertise with other marketing professionals. Submitting a guest blog post can help boost your career by giving you the exposure that you need!

Guest blogs should be well written, researched, and provide useful information for our readers. We recommend that your article be related to marketing, advertising, public relations, or sales. Some writing ideas to get you started are: marketing current events, marketing how-tos or tips, suggestions on making more out of your business, or other helpful marketing suggestions. You may also wish to share a real-life experience that offers your fellow marketers some wisdom to live by.

Guest Blog Requirements:

  1. All content must be original and may not be posted on any other Website.
  2. Please be sure your post is well written and edited before submitting. Please note that we reserve the right to edit your work. Although, we will do our best to preserve the meaning of your content.
  3. Include only relevant links in your work that add value and complement your content.
  4. Please avoid promotions for your business, yourself, or any other materials that you have written.
  5. The author must properly reference and credit all media, data, quotes, and other third-party content.
  6. Please have at least one relevant image or other media to go with your content. The image or media should be included in your submission. We prefer if you create your own media. Please avoid copyright infringement (Royalty free does not always mean copyright free.)
  7. Blog posts should range in length from 500 to 1500 words, although shorter or longer posts may be considered.
  8. It is good practice to include bulleted lists, numbered lists, and easy-to-read paragraph layout in your content.
  9. Blogs should be submitted in either a .docx or .rtf format. Please submit blog posts to
  10. The author should include a short professional biography. Please include only one link to the author’s blog or Website in this bio.

AMA-O reserves the right to update or remove a blog post at any time in order to keep content relevant.

We look forward to reading great content from our large and diverse membership!

Kenneth Cossin serves as the President for the AMA-O. He is also a professor of Internet Marketing and Entertainment Business for both Full Sail University and the Los Angeles Film School.
Amber Bloom serves as the Communications Chair for the AMA-O. She works at Produce for Kids, in Orlando, FL as their Digital Marketing Manager. She’s also a University of Central Florida alumnus.