Marketers Take Note: Messaging is the New Medium for Consumers

The five most popular messaging apps alone are used by about 3.5 billion people, which is half of the world’s population. Messaging use recently surpassed social media use. An App Annie report indicates that messaging apps result in more sessions per user than any other type of app, by far. Not to mention, millennials use mobile for messaging more than anything other utility.
Messaging is expanding so quickly that it has ignited a behavioral change in how we consume media and connect with the world. The most exciting thing about messaging is how developers are using messaging as a platform and building multimedia integration on top of messaging. This opens a door for advertisers, brands and marketers to create campaigns that align with the desires of today’s consumers.
Multimedia Brand Stories
One of the most familiar and rising channels for multimedia messaging is Snapchat. Snapchat has 100 million active users, who watch approximately seven billion video clips per day, according to Bloomberg. Snapchat attributes a lot of that video traffic to stories, a feature that allows users to add photos and video clips into a dynamic, 24-hour story that any of their friends can view.
In early 2015 the company introduced Snapchat Discover, allowing companies to tell their brand stories to the public. The result is engaging and creative branded content. Although Snapchat Discover has immense potential to generate impressions, it may not be the ideal channel for smaller brands and marketers to engage on Snapchat. Currently, only big brands are using Snapchat Discover, and the feature presents limited personalization options. It also demands a huge creative backing as Snapchat Discover requires new content every day. So while Snapchat is a great outlet for [...]

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Personalizing Each Touchpoint of Mobile Customer Journey

The customer journey is not a straight line; in fact, it looks more like a bumblebee’s flight path.To reach your users in the mobile moment, think of the customer journey as a lifecycle defined by user touchpoints. The cycle begins with onboarding, but can move fluidly between these touchpoints throughout the rest of the journey, jumping from conversion to loyalty to reactivation.
Mobile marketers and app developers can make the most of each customer touchpoint by ensuring that wherever customers are in the lifecycle, the experience is personalized.
A clear and customized onboarding campaign can be key to user retention in the long run. An onboarding campaign will look different from app to app, but is ultimately defined by an end goal that indicates that user has completed the onboarding process. This could be registering for an account, conducting a search, or completing their first purchase. Mobile marketers should automate this process and set up an onboarding campaign to trigger push notifications at individual milestones. You can set up your onboarding reminder campaigns to automatically cancel if the next milestone is reached within a certain timeframe. That way, each user will get a unique set of onboarding reminders based on where they drop off in the onboarding funnel.

Onboarding is also when mobile pros can optimize push notification opt-in rates. Since an app only has one chance to ask for a user to opt-in to push, you can use a tool like Pre-Permissions to suppress the default iOS prompt until a more relevant and contextual time. For example, a travel app could wait until a user searches for a specific flight, then ask if travelers want to receive price drop alerts. If the user [...]

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Why We Love Social Fresh

The fresh time of year is quickly approaching and we already can’t wait to get social! Join us in just a few months at the Social Fresh Conference right here in Orlando. Social Fresh is a 4-day social marketing conference filled with industry leader presentations and the best networking social media has to offer.

As you probably already know, social media is one of the most personal ways to connect to our audience. That being said, it’s important social marketers continue to learn and apply their education in the field. It’s easy to say you know social media but do you really understand social media marketing? This is the place to become inspired in the social media world.

Let us tell you Why We Love Social Fresh:

Community Based. What really sets Social Fresh apart from other conferences is its community approach. Everyone watches the same presentations together at the same time creating a fun and comfortable environment throughout the weekend. This allows all attendees to share the same great experiences. Also, you’ll notice they’ve scheduled a good amount of networking time. Social Fresh is known to form fantastic relationships in the industry.
Active Environment. Social Fresh kicks off the conference with Pre-Conference Workshops providing hands-on training. You’ll be educated on ROI, content marketing, social ads, and much more. These workshops are highly recommended so be sure to include this add-on when you buy your ticket. The energy at Social Fresh creates a momentum that keeps information flowing. Sometimes an abundance of information can be a lot but they’ve created a schedule that doesn’t give you that overwhelming feeling we all know too well.
Informative. You’ll dive deep into social media marketing at Social Fresh. [...]

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Easy B2C Personalization Tactics for Marketers

I bet as a B2C marketer, you have been seeing articles about successful B2C personalization tactics pop-up everywhere. For good reason, personalization is one of the hottest marketing trend of 2016. Ever since personalization became trendy, this is how your daily life looks:
…Your boss comes in, screams at the top of his lungs for not coming up with sound B2C personalization tactics. He flashes you that yellow card you didn’t expect to see. You shrug your shoulders, let out a deep sigh, walk to the pantry to get a strong shot of espresso.
The worst part, you have no idea where to start. External personalization solutions are way too expensive. You only have limited budget for your marketing strategy. You begin to wonder whether you should pack your stuff and say goodbye to your fellow colleagues…
What can you do?


You are not alone! According to Dynamic Yield, 72% of companies do not know how to carry out personalization tactics. Don’t worry. This article is written to save your butt in the office.

Consider yourself lucky reading this article. This article is going to guide you through the cheapest and the most effective B2C personalization tactics that you can use right away and help you build your reputation as a cutting-edge marketer

But first, let me guess why you are stuck with your B2C personalization tactics. According to Neolane & DMA, below are the reasons that marketers did not use “dynamic personalized content” in their marketing strategies.

Complexity of Systems Access to Real-time Data Data Privacy Issues
Yes, we hear your pain. Let us give you some easy [...]

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Content Maintenance: A Framework

What happens to content after its publication seems to vary widely.  Content maintenance is not considered exciting — and is often overlooked.  Even the term content maintenance has no commonly accepted definition. Despite its lowly status and fuzzy profile, content maintenance is a many sided and fundamental activity.  I want to explore what content maintenance can involve, and how to prioritize its different aspects.
An Inconspicuous Activity
Many diagrams showing the content lifecycle have a placeholder for content maintenance.  After creating content and delivering content, content maintenance is required.  But what that means in practice is often not well-defined.    This shouldn’t be surprising: content maintenance somehow lacks the urgency that content creation and content delivery have.  After the adrenaline rush of creating new content, and watching the initial audience response to it, the content is no longer top of mind.
Content maintenance is often a lower priority activity. The UK’s Government Digital Service awaits guidance on the topic. [screenshot]In many organizations, content maintenance isn’t planned at all.  Some content gets updated because it is rewritten periodically, while other content is never touched after publication.  The organization may do a cleanup every few years in conjunction with a website redesign or IT upgrade, relying on a tedious content inventory and audit to evaluate how messed up the situation has become — content strategy’s equivalent to doing a root canal.
Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rich, in their popular book Content Strategy for the Web, offer one of the most detailed discussions of content maintenance. They call for a content maintenance plan that reflects content objectives such as assuring accuracy and consistency, archiving or reordering older content, confirming links are working and metadata is current, and [...]

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Personalization 101 for Dummies

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Says Einstein. Well, if he is right, then most of content marketers today are insane. Why? Let us guide you through personalization 101 class.


76% of B2B content marketers say that they will increase the amount of content in 2016. But just take a few minutes to see how much content is generated on social media. Not only is it overflowing like a clogged toilet, but they all look the same. Spammy content is everywhere. Why create more when there’s already so much to see? What content marketers need now is quality content that urges viewers to take some form of action.

Personalization 101 from Experts
“The key ingredient to better content is separating the single from the stream.” – David Hahn, Linkedin
Okay, so all we need now is better content, and get out of the mainstream, spammy content. The only way to go “upstream” is to create personalized content marketing – the strategy that will shine like a beacon of light in the dark. Here we bring you the light of hope: what marketing experts say about personalization.

1. What is Personalization?
Personalization has been the latest trend in content marketing. Marketers are seeking ways to get personal involvement with their potential customers. But what does this mean to B2B companies that face low sales conversion rate? Here’s what Liad from Dynamic Yield says about personalization:

“Personalization is one of the methods that can guide visitors through the conversion funnel in the most relevant way possible.”

Liad AgmonDynamic Yield [...]

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Visual Marketing: Creating Engaging Content

Many of you have probably heard the phrase “Content is King”, however true, the way content is perceived by your valued audiences is continuously changing. Creating engaging content will allow companies to stay ahead of the curve.
88% of B2B respondents say that they use some form of content marketing, and 93% of them claim they use social media. Why are these Content Marketing campaigns resulting in sub-par results? The answer is simple: a lack of visual content. The goal of content marketing is to provide valuable and relevant content to your targeted audience. Through the use of visual content, a company will be able to attract and retain consumers by creating engaging content.

“Just a few years ago, you could get away with text-only social media posts and content marketing. But today? You don’t stand a chance unless your content is packed with visuals.”

Neil PatelForbes

Creating a Visual Content Strategy
The content marketing space is becoming so fragmented that the need for engaging visual content is required to stand out from the crowd. A sound strategy with strong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will allow a business to understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. B2B marketers continue to be heavily focused on creating engaging visual content and say it is their top priority over the next year.

“Only 30% of B2b marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing, down from 38% last year. Effectiveness levels are greater among respondents with documentation, [...]

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9 Tips for Storytelling Success on Social Media

Do you remember that as a kid you would never sleep without listening to the little stories that your mom and granny would tell you? Years have passed, and we tell those stories to our kids now. That’s the power of stories. They make us feel connected and they are always a great success because of good narration. Years have passed, but people’s connection to good narration never seems to fade. An infographic by Idigic- Social Media 101 – How To Turn Your Small Business Into A Huge Enterprise tells us that it is possible to connect to users on a personal level by sharing the day to day happenings and difficulties you face at your company.
Today, the concept of storytelling is widely used in online marketing and again it’s proven to be a big success. To illustrate it with an example, let’s say your friend had just bought a new mobile and he is happy with it. He tells you about the features and why it’s the best phone in its price range. You take the phone in your hand, and have a look at it and then you start thinking… “this could be the best gift for my wife. I have to buy this for her”. Here, your purchasing decision was influenced by your friend’s review and not a salesperson ‘buy now’ pitch.  
What if the friend in this scenario is a company that’s actually selling (but without selling) the same product. Wouldn’t it deliver better results? Now that’s what effective brand storytelling is all about. Here are some tips to brand your company more effectively on social media.  
Before you start promoting your [...]

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Overcoming (Career) Inertia

Martha Carrigan | President & CEO 
Big Shoes South
Abridged from “Overcoming the Inertia of the Couch” TEDx 2014. The author finally got off the couch and edited content for this blog.

Growing up in a family of 11, we had a small couch where my parents corralled us together for the annual family picture. (It was a tight squeeze.)

The couches throughout a home have different purposes:

The family room couch – for watching a football game or taking a Sunday nap.

The daybed couch in the den – a place to isolate a sick kid so no one else will catch the bug.

The guest-only, plastic-coated living room couch – “Get offa’ that couch, it’s for company only!”
The basement couch – to escape from parental view with friends.

The couch is a place to take important pauses in life: watching, healing, entertaining and escaping. Sadly, it’s also a picture of getting stuck. When we stop moving forward and plop in the couch, it’s hard to overcome what medical pros define as inertia.

Have you experienced it? When I worked as a high school college advisor, students put off starting college applications or writing essay answers. In our business connecting companies with talent, people don’t realize they are stuck in a dead-end job. In my own early career, I was stalled in a job search. I’d come home, drop on cushions and channel surf. A couch potato.

The simple version of inertia expressed in Newton’s Law of Motion is: “The tendency for an object at rest is to remain at rest and for an object in uniform motion is to continue in that same direction or motion…unless acted on by an outside force or energy.”

What is that outside force in [...]

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Email Analytics: Charting newsletter opens

This week, I’m going to introduce you to analysing your email data using SQL and a Redshift datastore.
Using data sent to a Redshift database from Vero, we’ll put together a chart that will help you start to conceptualize how you could build out a detailed and accurate Email Dashboard for your organization.
This will also further the skills you need to analyze your email marketing data using your own data warehouse and SQL charting tools.
A few weeks ago, we talked about how you could graph your Net Churn using SQL. This was to introduce you to the world of data warehousing and detailed analysis using your own data.
The post generated huge interest so this week we’re focusing on email, an area in which we aim to set the benchmark for what’s possible.
Charting open rates for your latest newsletter campaigns
Here’s an example of the chart we’ll be building.

What you’ll need to do this yourself
Here’s the setup we use to get accurate and complete data and to chart it beautifully:
We use Vero to send all of Vero’s emails. Vero’s campaign management platform helps us create and manage our customer journey so we know who we’re sending what, and when. We send both automated and manual (newsletter / blast) email campaigns with Vero.
Segment’s integration automatically plugs into Vero and allows Vero to send back data on all email deliveries, opens, clicks, unsubscribes and so on into their platform.
RJ Metrics’ Pipeline product syncs all of our Segment behavioral data to a Redshift database.
Our data warehouse is hosted on a basic Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redshift cluster.
We chart our reports using Periscope Data.
We also use our own [...]

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