Managing with Compassion

by: Candace Alcorn

Managing from the Heart is the name of a book I read over 20 years ago, and it resonated with who I already was. When I was younger I was once told I couldn’t be a manager because I was too ‘nice’. Now, there is a point to that because managers do need to create accountability and establish boundaries. I also found as I matured it was easier to manage and be ‘nice’ because age already brings with it a certain amount of respect. My mantra is “I do not micro manage, but I DO have very high expectations”. Somehow people with whom that works find their way into my world. Our work lives demand so much of us, and there is no need for fear to also permeate that environment. People, when given a chance, want to do well and want to please. They just need clear, concise, and consistent direction.

I believe in Servant Leadership … not just mouthing the words, but truly living them. It means exactly what it says, leading by serving the employees who work for you. This principle has been taught for thousands of years, but somehow, especially in our western culture, dominance and power have taken over many leaders. You have to actually care about the well-being of your coworkers to exhibit this behavior. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our government could adopt this philosophy?

I believe another aspect of Managing with Compassion comes from using team building methods so you can create an atmosphere of safety and trust. There are so many tools available to us, and I never believe in stopping with just one. It is a constant process to continue to peel away the [...]

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Enter Our Exclusive #AMA35 Instagram Campaign

So, you want to post Instagram photos for a chance to win prizes?  Here’s your chance!

The AMA of Central Florida is running a month-long Instagram Campaign where you, our marketing friends, take photos of anything that you feel fits our theme and commemorates the American Marketing Association’s 35th Anniversary.  We are excited to announce this campaign, as it gives you a chance to take an active part in your organization.
The contest is simple.  Just follow the guidelines below for the campaign, so that we can see who is the most creative!

     Follow us on Instagram: @AMACentralFlorida
     Check out some of our example photos on our account
     Upload your photo to your own Instagram account
     Hashtag the photo with #AMA35 to officially enter

That’s it!  You’re entered to win at this point.  You may wish to enter multiple photos for more chances to win if you cannot decide on one photo.  Only one photo will be chosen for each prize from our pool of contestants.


     1st place – Amazon Gift Card ($25 value)
     2nd place – Free entry to any AMA Luncheon/Event ($20-$25 value)
     3rd place – Multiple winners will receive a copy of Simon T. Bailey’s book, “Shift Your Brilliance” ($10 value)
     4th place – Social media mention of your business

Instagram Campaign ends at midnight on December 15th, 2014


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American Marketing Association Chapter of Central Florida Celebrates its 35 Years of Innovation

Thirty-five years ago, things were radically different in the marketing industry.

Thirty-five years ago there were no free marketing tools like Facebook and Google+. Thirty-five years ago business owners couldn’t pin digital images to an online board for the rest of the world to see and to follow. They couldn’t tweet in real time to customers about their newest sales or about the latest hot item selling off their store shelves.

Thirty-five years ago, the marketing industry was a prehistoric dinosaur — rumbling along randomly and making an impact only where it chose to set down a gigantic, lumbering foot. It was limited to a single geographic location, and to know it was there, you had to either run right up on it or hear the noises it made as it shuffled along in the dark. Sometimes it chased you, and occasionally, you got a nice taste of a tooth or a claw. For the most part, the lumbering giant stood still and made a lot of noise. If you weren’t standing in the right forest, you never even knew it was there.

Thankfully, the days of the dinosaurs are gone. Business and organizations now have limitless tools at their disposal to assist in marketing their particular goods and services — tools that have the capacity to reach around the world in less time than it takes to turn and say hello to the person sitting beside you:

1. Social Media — Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. They’re free! Thirty-five years ago we didn’t even image to connect with countless thousands of people in just seconds. Needless to say, conceiving marketing to audiences across the globe was unheard off!

2. Internet – Back thirty-five years ago online [...]

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How to use online marketing to promote offline businesses

For some businesses, using the internet to promote and market their services makes perfect sense. Any business that serves a large geographic area can use internet marketing to reach large areas for a lower budget than traditional media channels.

E-commerce retailers can only sell to people when they’re online, so online advertising is sort of a no-brainer. But there are many small businesses that only sell locally and don’t have any e-commerce components. Even if it’s not readily obvious,…
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    Sales quotas may seem like a good idea until ‘sandbagging’ starts

Sales quotas may seem like a good idea until ‘sandbagging’ starts

Every job has or should have an identified set of objectives, some measurement by which an associate’s effectiveness can be gauged to be unacceptable, acceptable or superior.

A Major League Baseball hitter is superior if he hits above a 300 average. A basketball player scoring over 20 points a game is a standout. A winning percentage of less than 50 percent over time will likely cause a coach to find a new job.

In sales, the most common objective is meeting or exceeding quota. But quota setting…
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4 effective tips on translating your Hispanic ads

Do you translate or trans-create? It’s an important decision if you want to capitalize on the rapidly growing Hispanic market.

The dilemma decision-makers often have when they are ready to engage with this target audience is that they rely on straight translations of their Anglo campaigns into Spanish. Some of them also feel that because they are trying to reach a U.S. Hispanic bilingual/bicultural audience through English media, there is no need to create a Hispanic campaign. This lack of understanding…
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Don't take sales rejections personally

Sales is full of rejection. People who are successful in sales have the ability to separate their personal identity from the role they take on. If they get a no, they simply perceive it as a poor business fit. Unfortunately, many salespeople don’t make that distinction. They experience “no” as a personal rebuke, which becomes a humiliating experience.

We previously worked with a client’s employee, Erik, who could not overcome taking rejection personally. One of Erik’s…
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Capture female customers with great smartphone marketing

Traditional in-your-face advertising does not work for women who encounter your brand via mobile device. So, how do you carefully balance advertising in this digital age?

A recent marketing study by Time Inc. and Nuance Digital Marketing found that a majority of women dislike intrusive mobile ads but are receptive to relevant or topical ones, especially if they include location-based offers. In other words, businesses taking the traditional approach to advertising in a digital world are missing…
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