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The Use of Crisis Management in Harsh Times

By: Lucy Adams

Have you heard of crisis management? You must have heard of it unless your company has never survived harsh times.

Well, sooner or later, you’ll inevitably run into a crisis. That’s the nature of business, and you can’t change it! The point is to know how to reduce the consequences of the crisis to a minimum and establish a new system of management under the tough market conditions. Let’s take a fresh look at the problem along with Lucy Adams, a blogger from

Crisis management is the process of transforming a loss-making company into a profitable one by reorganizing the style of leadership, finance management, and production process.  The fundamental difference of crisis management is that it is about a fast response to a crisis (in contrast, usual management is aimed at sales increase).

Crisis management solves the next problems:

Drawbacks in the hierarchy of organizational management.
Mistakes in the business model.
Mistakes in the corporate culture.

Once you stabilize the situation, establish a new strategy to prevent the onset of a new crisis.

By the way, the company need not necessarily have serious financial difficulties for crisis management to work successfully. It can help you in choosing a correct organizational process and eliminating its mistakes, as well as in increasing the effectiveness of production process and coping with the fast-growing start-up.
Crisis Management: Seven Steps
#1 Stabilize the Crisis
Many companies begin to think about crisis management when they have problems with wages, rent or other expenses. Regardless of the kind of crisis, the first step is to stabilize the situation.

Make sure that all your expenses are approved be the anti-crisis team.
Stop all discretionary projects and make sure [...]

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Professional Networking and Luncheon Event Sept. 18, 2013 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.

Do you know the latest tricks to increase your ROI?
Why You Should Attend
You will learn key methods on how to target your DM, make your DM relevant, and properly time your DM. Direct Marketing Success is about capturing the rhythm of interest by instinct & skill. This AMA Signature Event will help you understand how to use the senses of observation combined with any and all analytical information that can be added to the formula for a ROI that rocks.

When: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.

Where: Embassy Suites Downtown Orlando, 191 E. Pine St.

Networking: 11:30 – 11:59 a.m.

Luncheon: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

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Creating, Managing, and Measuring an Integrated Cross-Channel Approach to Customer Loyalty

New York, NY – Customer Management iQ, a division of IQPC announces its Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit, taking place January 28- 30, 2013 in Orlando, FL.

“Should you throw out your customer loyalty playbook?” asks CMIQ’s Jose Martinez.

While customer loyalty is not a new concept, the Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit focuses on adapting to both the opportunities and challenges of managing multiple loyalty platforms, particularly how to harness loyalty programs using customer analytics and social media programs to transform point-of-purchase interaction and long term customer engagement. The ability to leverage these varied approaches is key to optimizing B2C interaction.

Featured Speakers include:

Anthony Perez, Vice President of Business Strategy, The Orlando Magic
View the agenda for a full list of speakers

David Rompf, Director of Loyalty & Engagement, The Economist
Piper Rosenshein, Director of Retention Marketing, Barnes & Noble
Nicolette Tellinghuisen , Director of Customer Loyalty, Wingstop Restaurants


Key topics on the agenda at the Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit include:

Understanding your customer behavior data and segmenting your audience into targetable markets.
Updating your customer loyalty approach, expanding your exposure, and maximizing the relationships you build with your base.
Expanding your existing loyalty program through partnerships across industries.
Identifying the keys to a successful segmentation and marketing strategy for building customer loyalty.
Using social media tools to interact with products and advertising in unconventional ways for greater levels of customer engagement and retention.

On the process of developing the program, CMIQ’s Jose Martinez highlights that the “…case-study driven presentations will keep your company ahead of the trends in loyalty marketing through varied platforms, as well as multi-national and multi-cultural markets” and goes on to state that “the Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit was designed to deliver the tools and templates that [...]

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American Marketing Association – Central Florida Chapter Announces 2012-2013 AMA Board Nominations

American Marketing Association – Central Florida Chapter Announces 2012-2013 AMA Board Nominations

Dear AMA CFL Members,

As marketers, we all understand the value of networking and industry exposure, especially in a tight job market. As you evaluate how to boost your profile, make valuable business connections and spend your coveted “free” time, we encourage you to consider the opportunities offered by your chapter of the American Marketing Association – Central Florida.

Our president, Kalindi Ramcharan, is working closely with the incoming president, Rob Graham, to assemble our 2012-2013 board, which assumes office July 1, 2012. We are fortunate that a number of long-time board members have chosen to remain active, providing continuity for the chapter. But we also realize that new board members are the true lifeblood of our organization.

As an AMA-CFL board member, you’ll have the opportunity to chart the path for our chapter’s future, meet marketers around the country by participating in National’s events, and make a lot of really great friends. If this appeals to you, please take a moment to review the list of board positions below. As you determine whether the time is right to step up and help lead our chapter, feel free to reach out to one of the following members who can answer your questions and discuss how AMA participation has benefited them.

Kalindi Ramcharan, President –
Nancy Noriega, Immediate Past-President –
Karen Phillips, Past President & Special Events Manager: SIGs –

If you choose to nominate yourself or someone else for an open position, submit a resume and/or bio by 12 p.m. on Thursday, March 15, 2011 to Please do not forget to tell us which position(s) you would like to be considered for. A final [...]

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