As I reflect on this past year as Central Florida chapter president, it has been an honor serving you. I remain excited and energized as I conclude my fourth year of board leadership and service to you, my fellow marketers, because we’ve not only accomplished a lot in a very limited time, but I also know there’s still more great opportunities ahead for you.

One year ago, when our executive committee team got together to plan the year, I did not expect in my wildest dreams to be able to assemble such a more engaged and committed group of board leaders. Our leadership team was often more dedicated to pushing the Central Florida chapter forward than even I was considering given the number of challenges we faced at the beginning of the year.


AMA-Hard Rock

However, as I look back on our collective board goals designed during our leadership retreat last summer, we set forth to

1) galvanize the marketing community;

2) continue to serve as the primary source for marketers in our community; and

3) provide a variety of opportunities for you to learn, connect and grow.

I feel strongly we’ve successfully accomplished this mission!











Before I conclude, I must recognize the talents of our entire board, who have often gone above and beyond their volunteer duties to ensure the events and your experience this past year was nothing short of fantastic. Many of our distinguished leaders gave up valuable time with family and friends to deliver the best experiences possible, and for this I’m grateful. I’m also grateful for the many partners, from our event venues to our vendors and sponsors, who have made this year a success.

AMA-Happy Hour

Finally, I would like to share some awesome news with you. However, I think it would be best delivered by President-Elect Maria Del Amo next month as she begins her term as president. Be sure to watch for an exciting announcement in July!

Continued Success…and, go ahead, be AMA-zing!